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Graduate Institute of Financial and Economic Law(LL.M.)
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College of Finance and Economics
Group: Finance and Economics
International Admission: Master


The Graduate Institute of Financial and Economic Law had been officially approved to enroll students in 2006. Our educational objective is fostering financial law professionals with emphasis on theoretical and practice education in order to achieve both the goal of “Asian Financial Center” and “Island of Technology” promoted by the government.

*We recruit students from different fields and enable them to verse in finance, economy, technology or other specialized fields.
*We long for our students to develop their legal analysis ability and make them apply what they learned to the important financial issue which is occurred in the complex commercial society.
*The advantage of the location of Ling-Tung University is that the short distance between Taichung and Mainland China, and it could offer excellent opportunity to integrate both legal systems across the strait.

Research Focus:

*To nurture professionals in law education by focusing on theoretical instruction and practical training and seeking to bridge the gap among academics, practice and careers our vision.
*We will hold various academic meeting with diverse university in different legal system and try to solve the conflict of two different legal systems which could be the obstacle of two countries.
*Our institute places a special concern for each student, and provides an educational environment for students to freely develop their personality and legal expertise based on their interest.

Academic Characteristics:

*Our institute especially pays attention to the research of the finance and economics law:
Teachers are good at academic research, especially in property law, intellectual property law, legal system of business and enterprise, Securities Exchanges Act, legal economics and international trade law. The way to discuss through the special topic, enable students to understand each academic field deeply.

*The faculty and students of our institute all have spacious research rooms and can use the computer, network and legal databases (WESTLAW and LAWBANK) freely.

Nov 6, 2009

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