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Graduate Institute of Visual Communication Design(M.Des.)
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College of Design
Group: Architeccture and Design
International Admission: Master

Educational Objectives
Graduate School of Visual Communication Design offers instruction intended to develop skills and competence in students and prepare them for careers in planning and executing sophisticated visual communication design projects. The heightened speed of communication in the digital age and the sheer volume of cultural innovations bring forth the need for an integrated approach to design education.

Research Focus:

Curriculum Planning
There are four major aspects:
*Exploration of Display Innovation Aspects: Commercial advertisements, packaging, editing, exhibition, identity system, etc.
*Integration of Digital Images and Sounds: Photography, video and audio, internet, computer animation, interactive multi-media, etc.
*Implementation of Exhibition Planning: Systematic integration of visual communication design, video and audio and the related resources mentioned above, as well as public exhibition.
*Study of Design Theories: Principles of visual perception including the psychology of vision, aesthetic theory, humanistic and classical perspectives on design, and the effect of computers and telecommunications on the execution and dissemination of art.

Instructional Characteristics
The school strives to offer students a balanced curriculum, wherein they have opportunities to explore theoretical issues while gaining practical knowledge. Also the school cooperates with businesses and organizations in society so that students will have valuable workplace experiences. Throughout its program, the school concentrates on developing each individual student’s skills and talents through a program of mentoring.

Career Promotion
Students, generally speaking, choose either a career track or a post-graduate education track upon completion of visual communication design program of Ling Tung University. Some students enter a Ph.D program in the disciplines of Visual Communication Design, Applied Art, and Art Creativity. Students who enter the workforce find positions in advertising, packaging, photography, and multi-media production.

Proposed Ph.D. Program
A graduate level program is under consideration with an emphasis on theoretical research in visual communication.

Nov 6, 2009

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